Will Bollywood Ever Catch Up to Hollywood In Production Quality?

When it comes to number of films released, Bollywood has Hollywood beat, churning out more than 1,000 films per year, more than double that of Hollywood. You don’t need to be an expert in numbers to see that Bollywood is gaining popularity, but production quality wise it’s still behind Hollywood.

Can Bollywood catch up with its American counterpart and reach a wider audience? Yes, it can, but changes have to be made. First of all, Bollywood film studios need to raise the quality level of their films. While it’s true the Indian film industry produces more movies, only a few turn out profits, and this is not helped by increasing production costsHamilton video prodcution

If Bollywood wants to penetrate other markets, films need to be more original and appeal to a wider range of people. Indian films are known for their extravagant songs, dances and focus on romance, and several classics have emerged. But to move forward and raise production values, filmmakers need to be more creative and try something different.

Because songs and dances have become an integral part of Bollywood films, it’s something that has come to be expected. But if they have any hopes of matching Hollywood, things need to change. In an interview with Hamilton located video production firm Memory Tree, the emphasis was on “variety”, and “it also won’t hurt if the movie time was cut short” as well. As it is, most Bollywood films run for 3 hours and more, and this has to be shortened as well if they want to compete with US films.