4 Dating Tips from Coach Mars for Indian Men

4 Rules to Being Better with Women

Don’t be a coward

You may not be the best looking guy out there, nor the smartest or richest but at lease you’re going somewhere. You’re still in the game, yet you’re still out there, talking to girls, putting your ego on the line. This gives you a great advantage over most other guys, by collecting all the experience you’re getting. Instead of giving up, push yourself even more. Make the best out of any given situation and have faith you’ll be better in due time.  There’s a Reason I ended up being one of the top dating coaches in Toronto, and that’s because I always pushed myself and my company Attraction by Science to become the best.

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Always keep improving yourself in the areas you want to succeed. Keep reflecting on your results and making yourself better. This way, next time something doesn’t work out, you’ll know what to do. Fail forward, because you can make a victory out of it in the long run. Always remember this is a win-win situation even if you lose. Failure gives you valuable experience you wouldn’t have gathered if you’ve never attempted to win.

Take action

Seeing a girl you like is not only a green light for you to approach but a pillar in your development. It is also your duty and responsibility as a player to do so. As there are only two possible scenarios that will unfold, and both are good for you, there is absolutely no reason to stay in the backseat. Go and talk to the girl without paying attention to your lack of self-confidence or any other issues you might be facing. It is almost a rule that will diminish with practice.


One of the big factors in the game is staying independent. Simply said, one shouldn’t have to wait for his wing to start a conversation. Acquire the mindset of leading, instead of following. The benefits and outcomes should be very clear here. Act, instead of reacting. You should be the one initiating the interaction. Play by your own rules.